Our Resident Cats

To our lovely visitors…

Please know that the two cats at the Courtyard Centre, mainly in the studio area, are owned and cared for. They are not stray cats and do not require saving. They are fed wet food every single day and have unlimited access to high quality Crave cat biscuits and water. They are regularly groomed, wormed, and de-flead, and have 24/7 cat-flap access to a warm, thermostatically heated, studio filled with soft blankets, beds and food. They are both loved dearly.

The reason they live here is that they have a very important job to do keeping down the vermin and they are happy being free. They are our official “Vermin Control Officers”.

Although they might love a cuddle and a scratch behind the ears, please don’t think they would be happy being taken out of their home and environment. They have both been at the centre for years and love their home here.

Thank you for caring, but please be rest assured that these gorgeous pusscats are already very well loved and cared for.

If anyone has any questions relating to our resident cats, please contact Sandy by email: Sandycristel@yahoo.com as she is the main person who is responsible for their care, comfort and maintenance.

Thank you 🙏❤️🙏